The trustworthy link between real-world facts and trustless Cardano smart contracts

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Orcfax is a decentralized Cardano oracle

Oracles publish data about the real world to blockchain smart contracts.
Orcfax will launch with free price feeds on Cardano Mainnet in Q2 2023.

Orcfax implements the open-source Cardano Open Oracle Protocol (COOP) and provides Cardano developers with well-structured tools and schemas to consume trustworthy off-chain data in their smart contracts.

Orcfax is a next-generation oracle platform that completely decentralizes data collection and validation in a permissionless manner while providing full audit logs for the flow of data through the platform.

The resulting "fact statements" and their metadata are stored in a permanent, standards-compliant archival repository built on the Arweave decentralized storage network

Check out our docs for a deeper dive into these topics. Or hop onto our socials to join our mission to decentralize trustworthy facts.


ISPO Prospectus

Orcfax is running a Cardano ISPO to raise funds for technology maintenance and to publish free, permissionless feeds.

We have a detailed prospectus explaining how you can participate in this opportunity. The first and only way to acquire Orcfax native $FACT token.


About the Orcfax token

The Orcfax platform includes a Cardano-native utility token that facilitates payment for first-user access to premium feeds. The same token is also used for staking and rewards by data collectors and validators in its decentralized oracle pools.

A full 50% of the fixed token supply is reserved for validator rewards to encourage network growth and provide a stable five year launchpad to self-sustainability.

This token will be exchangeable on the open market. The first way to access these tokens is to participate in the Orcfax Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO). The second will be our incentivized testnet for validator node operators in Q2 2023.