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Decentralized oracle feeds for Cardano smart contracts

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About Orcfax

Orcfax is a second-generation oracle service for the Cardano blockchain that publishes data about real-world events into Cardano transaction datum.

These are made available as on-chain data inputs to smart contracts, scripts, and dApps that are running on the Cardano blockchain.

Orcfax data is made available in Cardano's native eUTXO format using our Cardano Open Oracle Protocol (COOP).

A Better Way to Deliver Oracle Data

Orcfax collects real-world data from multiple sources for each data point and uses a distributed network of validator nodes to deliver truly decentralized oracle feeds.

Orcfax provides full audit logs of its data collection and validation process for each datum on a permisionless, decentralized storage network. This allows users to "trust but verify" the fact statements published by Orcfax.

Orcfax is finely-tuned to deliver authentic and accurate oracle data. This is a critical requirement to fulfill the mostly unmet promise of DeFi. There are also many other business models and industries that remain poised to leverage distributed trust technology.

Join us on our mission to revolutionize oracle feeds!


  • Triangulated Data

    All feed data collected from multiple primary sources

    A row of large white radio telescopes pointing skyward, aligned on either side of a dirt road leading towards the horizon under a clear blue sky. The foreground shows dry grassland, while the background hints at a flat landscape with distant mountains.
  • Fully Auditable

    Permanent audit trails (in human readable format) for all data feed activity

    A close-up of a technical drawing or blueprint with a grid layout, featuring a black ballpoint pen with its tip on the paper, suggesting the process of design or planning. The background is a smooth, light-colored surface, emphasizing the detail of the drawing and the precision of the work.
  • Stake-Based Validation

    Decentralized oracle pools of independent validator nodes verify the accuracy and authenticity of source data, driven by stake-based reward incentives

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  • Archived Forever

    All data stored on decentralized, sustainable storage using a standards-compliant archival packaging format for permanent access and re-use

    A vertical image featuring the front view of a grey filing cabinet with two drawers, each with a black handle. The cabinet has a label at the top with the text "Triumph," indicating the brand. The background is plain and white, putting the focus on the cabinet.
  • Cardano-Native eUTXO Design

    Orcfax created and implements the Cardano Open Oracle Protocol as an open standard designed to support and enhance eUTXO datum publication. A key objective of the COOP is leveraging the eUTXO design to reduce on-chain fees.

    A black and white image showing an abstract representation of a network with interconnected nodes and lines, with several larger circles grouped in the center, forming the Cardano logo. The design suggests connectivity and complexity.

$FACT Token

The Orcfax Cardano-native utility token is used for:

  1. Payment for on-demand, oracle data publication
  2. Staking by our data validator nodes
  3. Reward payments to validators
  4. Voting power in Orcfax DAO governance decisions

You can read more about the $FACT token utility and tokenomics in our docs.

The $FACT token was made available on the open market via the Wingriders Launchpad.


Meet our founder, Peter Van Garderen - a long-time and passionate advocate for decentralization and its promise to create a more equitable world.

Peter is a digital archivist and open-source software developer. He is channelling his significant career-expertise to transform the oracle landscape.

The ever-growing team at Orcfax also consists of in-house software development, business development, and community management teams.

A headshot of Peter Van Garderen, the founder of the Orcfax project, he is looking up and into the distance smiling with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Connect With Us!

Business and Collaborations

If your project is interested in learning more about our services or integrating with us, please contact Vahid, our Chief Business Officer, via email or Discord.